How to Become a Crystal Hunter

Waiting at a stop light, a quaint home with a sign reading "Antiques, Coins, etc." catches our eyes. We park on the one-way street and enter in with some hesitance. It smelled a little like pee and we felt like we were intruding into a horders home uninvited.  Under piles, we saw what appeared to be a treasure trove of crystals. After scaling our town of Ogden, Utah for years, we just stumbled on another crystal shop we didn’t know existed. Albeit, an inconvenient, uncomfortable space, it was the only place we could find moonstone. 

How does this not surprise us to suddenly stumble upon a new "crystal shop"?  Well, we have seen many times before that simply googling "crystal shop" just doesn’t cut it. That's why you have to get creative in your search terms to become a skilled "Urban Crystal Hunter" .

When you are on the prowl for stones and don't know where to go, using a variation of these terms can get you more results:

Rock Shop (Our Favorite)

  • Pros
    • Much lower prices than most other options
    • Knowledgable staff
    • Can order stuff in
    • Can work deals with shop owner
  • Cons
    • Usually dirty, dusty, or unorganized
    • Not focused on "metaphysical", so the atmosphere is less warm

Metaphysical Store

  •  Pros:
    • Lots of crystals
    •  Knowledgeable staff  (great place to learn)
    • Sometimes have rare finds
  • Cons:
    • Usually more expensive
    • Mostly tumbled stones
    • Not easy to cut deals and barter

Gift Shop

Always look out for gift shops near national parks, well known hiking spots, even popular park, lakes, or damns. 

  • Pros
    • You may stumble upon these unexpectedly
    • Stones my be locally sourced
  • Cons
    • Not all "gift shops" have crystals
    • Prices are likely to be higher

Bead Store

  • Pros
    • A less obvious choice, but some have authentic crystals and stones with holes in them, perfect for some wraps!
    • Can order items in through shop manager
    • With local shops, sometimes discounts are passed on to you.
  • Cons
    • May not be one near you
    • May not have the quality or variety you want

Antique Shops

Mainly looking for the Stores that Have Coins or Fossils in there name. Call before hand to ask about there collection of stones. 

Craft Store (Last Resort)

  • Pros
    • ost big cities have craft stores
    • Sometimes there are unexpected gems on the shelfs for reasonable prices
  • ons
    • ome items aren't clear as to if the crystal is authentic
    • Staff may not be as helpful

 Get creative with your search terms! Don't settle for little or no results. If you are real into it, start searching where to rockhound your own stones in your area! Pin point your search in google maps or yelp to read reviews and save on time.  Call ahead and ask questions, they're used to it! 



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