Custom Crystal Wire Wrap

Custom Crystal Wire Wrap

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Wonder what crystal is right for you? Allow us to guide you to it!

We love to wrap unique pieces specifically made for your soul and style. In order to get a feel for you, we like to know a few things about you. Then we can find the crystal that will help you most at this point of your life's journey!

  • What's your sign?
  • What are some traits you would like to work on to become your highest self?
  • What is your Instagram name or Facebook page? (We like to see your style and get to know more about you.)

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If you are drawn to a specific stone, we can seek that out for you. If you are attracted to a certain style of wrap, we will recreate it. Otherwise, we will ponder on what stone we feel is best for you, send you a photo, and wrap it as the stone calls for!