Spirit Band & Necklace

Spirit Band & Necklace

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Get your adornment on with this Spirit Headband and add the  Crystal Necklace! (Titanium-Coated)

Purchases of these limited products -made with love by our little hands- directly supports the next chapter of our journey! So, Thank You!

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  • Titanium-coated quartz crystal ranging from 1/2"-2" in length.
  • Wrapped with non-tarnish silver wire
  • Comes on an adjustable cord
  • Includes a little stick of Palo Santo





  • High-vibin' geometric pattern to accentuate your third eye
  • 13"-17" in diameter (Stretches to fit most heads)
  • Hand-made and double-stitched with love
  • Patterns vary. Your headband may look slightly different than those pictured.