Daily Dread Care: Oil & Spray

Daily Dread Care: Oil & Spray

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Our essential oil blends are essential in caring for your dreadlocks!
Fixes itchy, dry, or flaky dreads with a refreshing rainforesty smell!

Each bottle includes a High Vibe Crystal! 

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Check out the video of us making the our oils!

This video features our must-have Dreadlock Oil and Spray, which we swear by to keep your scalp and dreads happy. Ever wonder what it looks like "building a brand" from home? Peek into our process as we level-up our Plant Bath Line!


Shower-In-A-Bottle: Mist this on your scalp, on your dreads, face, body, or in the air to feel refreshed and energized! Includes a citrine crystal inside for some intention setting.

Made with Love and 100% Organic lavender, rosemary, tea tree, lime, and eucalyptus essential oils plus distilled water. 

Fixes crunchy dreads, stagnant air, tiredness.



Dreadhead Hydration Oil: Lovingly massage this onto scalp when itchy, or onto your dreadlocks after washing and drying to maintain freshness and hugability. Includes an amethyst crystal for some intention setting.

Made with Love and 100% Organic tea tree, lavender, rosemary, lime and eucalyptus essential oils, plus apricot kernel oil

Fixes itchy scalp, dandruff, dry skin, and moisturizes dreads.


This latch hook is used to make and maintain dreads. "Crocheting" dreadlocks will make them mature much faster than most other methods.

Fixes frizz, loops, and loose extensions.

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