Dreadlock Journey Kit

Dreadlock Journey Kit

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Comes with everything you need to start your dread journey!

*Option Add the "Dread Journey Course" for only $23! 

  • Dreadlock Oil (Apricot oil + essential oil blend for keeping dreads soft, and to keep scalp free of itch and flakes)
  • Micro Latch Hook ("Crochet hook")
  • Pin-tail Comb (For back-combing and sectioning)
  • Alligator Clip (To help with sectioning)
  • Small Rubber Bands (For sectioning/ self-maintenance)
  • Plus a couple surprise dread accessories to adorn your locks!

Add a Shower-In-A-Bottle Spray for only $15!

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Check out The Dread Journey Course!

The Dread Journey Course
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"Thank you to over 1 million people who have helped this video go viral!"

When we made it, we had no idea where it would take us! We had no audience, and now we have all you dreadheads (-:

We've since traveled across the U.S. helping others start their dread journey!
It's humbling to see how much has been learned, and to know there is still so much more. . . <3

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