Full Moon Wood Burn Kit

Full Moon Wood Burn Kit


Get everything you need to create a Full Moon Wood Burn like a pro! Plus our free youtube tutorial!

Learn a new hobby, and fall in love with wood burning!

Whats inside? (details below!)

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Your kit will include:

  • Step-By-Step Tutorial
    • We'll send you a link to our own video tutorial teaching you how to make your wood burn from start to finish! It's fun to watch and easy to follow, and is great for beginners!
  • Wood Burner + Tips
    • Of course you'll need a wood burner! This one comes with 4 different tips for every project and a little stand to rest upon.
  • Re-claimed Wood
    • We'll ship you a piece of re-claimed, untreated pine wood varying in size. We lovingly gather these from otherwise discarded, unloved, yet beautiful wood!
  • Moon Stencil
    • You'll get a stencil with various sizes of moons to trace onto your wood. This was drawn by Fleur with wood burning in mind, so it'll be easy to do! Get creative with it and try moon phases!
  • Transfer Paper
    • Use the transfer paper to get your stencil onto your wood so you can make it perfect the first time! There's plenty in the package to do tons more future projects!
  • Sandpaper
    • You may want to use this to get your wood feeling smooth and ready for some real close one-on-one time.

This kit does not include wood stain.

Watch our step-by-step tutorial!