"Thank you guys so much for doing The Crystal Club! I love everything about it. . . the community you're creating, the push you're giving me to get my creative juices flowing, the feedback you so readily give. I think it's love!"

"I'm speechless. I'm so in love! I can't stop looking at it. This is it! This is the stone the universe has meant for me at this time in my life. Thank you for making my dream a beautiful reality! Love you guys!"

"Guys... She LOVED it! Thank you so much. You do phenomenal work, and you nailed it! I can't thank you enough!"
"I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a thoughtful guy who knows me so well! Thank you Wired And Stoned for such a special piece I will treasure, and thank you @zbinx_ for constantly making me smile and loving me with your whole heart!"

"I just wanted to than you guys for the custom necklace you made me. Seriously, I don't know how you knew which stones to pick but they were exactly what I needed. I have grown more spiritually and opened my heart to new ideas and actually put effort into fulfilling them where before I just waited for good things to happen to me. All of the positive energy has really opened my eyes to the messages I receive daily from my conscious and God and it blows my mind how I was so blind before. So again, thank you for doing what you do. I can see that you are truly good people and not just doing what you do for the money and your good intentions make all the difference. Keep up the good work! I'm glad that we have crossed paths even if only through Instagram."

"I just got my necklace today. I love it!!! It looks so good! It's so much better than I expected! I knew it was going to look good but I'm in love with it now! I'm so excited to give it to her. I don't want to wait till Christmas! I love how you can wear it both ways too!"