Essential Oils & Sprays

Essential Oils & Sprays

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Nature provides countless healing gifts, and many of those have been harnessed in essential oils. These powerful plant medicines empower and aid in the comfort of the physical and emotional body.

We lovingly mix 100% pure essential oils with distilled water to make a light, yet pungent blend of natural goodness for your enjoyment.

Spray the into the face or around the space. To lift spirits or move spirits. These intention-packed sprays are ready to safely bring you comfort and joy.

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All sprays are made with distilled water, leucidal liquid SF (natural preservative), with a crystal inside and pure essential oils.

Essential oils have several health benefits, as well as smelling absolutely amazing!

Rose-2-0: Rose is a hydrating pH balancer and anti-inflammatory whose antibacterial and antioxidant properties soothe and aid in healing.

La-Chouli: Lavender & patchouli strengthen the skin and immune system, soothe inflammation, protect wounds from infection, and act as a natural deodorant.

Mint-Lyptus: Peppermint and eucalyptus are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory, helping relieve itchiness, blemishes, and insect bites.

Lime-Grass: Lime and lemongrass are anti-bacterial. They help uplift the mood, prevent symptoms of aging, restore energy, and prevent infection and depression.

Lave-Mary: Lavender & rosemary reduce inflammation, soothe aches and stress,  bring mental clarity, boost the immune system, improve circulation,   aid hair growth, and promote skin health.

Shower-In-A-Botte: Tea tree, lavender, rosemary, lime, eucalyptus have powerful health-promoting properties ideal for hair, scalp, face, body, and to create a clean, inviting space.