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We are grateful to receive requests from people all over the world seeking our help along their spiritual journey of dreadlocking. They find us on YouTube and write asking if we know anyone in the area who can help them start their Dreadlock Journey.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet created the network we need to help dreadlock the world. Currently, we are directing them to our Dreadlock Journey Course and Kit and wishing them well on the journey to do their own. In fact, many of you may have gone this route yourselves. However, we have decided it’s time for another way.


In order to achieve our vision of helping all people on their journey, we now understand the need to expand our team of knowledgable and friendly dreadlockers.

Join our team of certified Wired And Stoned Locticians by attending a 3-day workshop intensive (our first one ever) to learn this offering (and more) from us.

We envision an expansive team of kindred spirits with pure intentions to help guide others along their journey, while offering the gift of their hearts’ and hands’ creation.

This is more than a hair style, it’s a life style… It’s a light style… And we want our locticians to shine a light on each one of their clients paths; Blessing their journey along the way, and perhaps becoming a guiding resource for them in more ways than one.


Learn about dreadlocking (and more)

  • Learn about the culture, creation, and care of dreadlocks

  • Learn about different techniques for different hair types with hands-on training with various models

Bless others along their journey

  • Bless the transformation with intention setting, creating a safe space, treating it like a ceremony

  • Bless their lives by planting seeds for them to nurture if they choose

Share your gifts with others

  • Grow from sharing your knowledge, experience, gifts, and talents with others

  • Get wholesale prices on Wired And Stoned products to hook your clients up with all they need for their locs.



Date: TBA

Located in beautiful

Ogden, Utah

Investment: $1,200

Limited Openings

  • A $200 deposit will hold your space and go toward your total investment, which will be agreed to be paid in full before arriving to the workshop. Spots are first-come, first-serve. If you don’t get into this workshop, rest assured there will be more in the future.

  • Please plan to be in Ogden, Utah. The daily agenda will be sent out to your e-mail once your deposit is sent. Expect long, condensed days to make the most use of your time, and to not have you spend too much on accommodations.

  • You will have the responsibility of arranging accommodations in or near Ogden, Utah. We will spend the day at my home, where snacks will be provided. We will take a 1 hour lunch break each day where you will be free to wander, or stay and eat a lunch you have arranged. (I live right next to a mountain with hiking trails.)

  • After receiving our training and displaying your ability to perform a variety of skills, we’ll certify you to be a Wired And Stoned Loctician. We’ll then refer clients in your area to come to you for their dreadlock transformation, and shout you out on social media to help you gain clients. You can also tell people you are Wired And Stoned Certified, which may instill trust in your technique and ensure that they will get the dreadlocks of their dreams.

  • Come with ready hands and an open heart. We will be diving deep into ourselves, sharing about our journeys, connecting over the light and shadow, and exploring how to bring that powerful energy into the ceremony of dreadlocking. This is important to cover because it is something that often arises while holding space for such an initiation as the dreadlock journey.

  • You do not need any experience, nor to have dreadlocks, nor to have ever had dreadlocks or any interest in having them. You need only to have an interest to serve others with your creative energy and loving heart.

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We would love to do as many workshops as we can. Do you have a request for a future one?

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Thank you all for your continued interest, love, and support.
We look forward to connecting with you all, and helping you connect with one another.

~Wired And Stoned

We love to receive affirmations that we are making a difference…

“Everything Wired and Stoned provides is amazing. Their wire wrapped stones, the dread accessories and oils and sprays, the online dreadlocks course, and the dreadlocks they make are 10/10 and I will support them as long as they are entrepreneurs. I can't wait for Fleur to do my deadlocks later this year! They have such good vibes, I will always recommend Wired and Stoned.”

-Saoirse N.

“I wanted dreads for ever and I reach out to wired and stoned after watching tutorial which gave me the courage to dread my hair. Now I have beautiful dreads and could not be happier to take this journey. Thank you!🙏”

-Adrian N.

“I've been following these guys for a looooong time. They're a true inspiration. I have come a long way from standard brainwashed corporate America and I am currently gearing up to travel and dive headfirst into art, culture, history, and life. Simply because of their posts. Thank you guys for being so open and public with your journey. Keep moving forward and we hope to see you on the road!”

-Roamin M.


-Candis H.

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